Friday, May 27, 2011

tweet tweet - follow me...

I amazed myself yesterday: I finally took a leap and joined Twitter. As far as I can see it is fun (i love networking!) and it can be a great tool to spread news fast and easy to a whole lot of people!
Tagging, mentioning, retweeting...? Can everybody read anything I tweet (have to watch my language then...)? How can I start an account (with the same email adress) on which I tweet in English only...?
(you have guessed right: the green newbe T in the tree above = me!)

I'll find it out in the coming months I hope. In the meantime I will tweet VIP-news both in Dutch and in English on @juriannematter
And don't worry, Twitter will not replace my blog! I'll keep on writing real texts and posting nice photo's...


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