Sunday, July 10, 2011

just wandering

Oh, how I missed doing this on a quiet Sunday morning. I have been working so hard lately - even in the weekends - that I almost forgot what a relaxing joy it is to just wander a bit through the internet, looking for colourful food for the soul.
I adore the above kind of hip Waldorf (Rudolf Steiner) style: organic geometric shapes (wooden chrystals), soft pastels, and natural materials. Necklaces and pendants by the designers of the Italian Studio Fludd, who call these gems 'simple but not dull'.

The pots above haven't been in the ceramics oven, they are made of 100% biodegradable cellulose and are air dried! I love innovative use of materials. Ett la Ben has created a wonderful lampshade in the same material as well.

High on my wishlist: the tea towels Scholten & Baijings designed for Hay.


  1. Beautiful finds. I do my arts & crafts on the weekends (because I work during the week) and often find when it's time to go back to work I wish I had a day just to relax.

  2. I love all your blog!
    So inspiring
    ^_^ CHeers from Italy

  3. Wat een bijzondere vondsten weer, de houten christallen vind ik erg mooi... komen op mijn verlanglijst(je)

  4. I just felt in love with these wonderful necklaces! Browsing the Studio's website I can't decide which piece I love most ... Thanks for sharing this great link!


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