Sunday, July 3, 2011

NEW shine - reversible lanterns

I actually came up with the idea last winter. I wanted to design a second series of lanterns, and the task I had set myself was this: they still had to be made of paper, still had to include a slight DIY factor and of course they still had to be eco friendly, but they had to be COMPLETELY DIFFERENT from the first series! I realised I had set myself a tough assignment: to create an entirely new shape and totally different style whilst retaining my own ‘signature’…

Now, at last, after endless sketching, printing, cutting, folding, looking and choosing, a set of 3 completely new lanterns is ready to shine! “

Shine lanterns shimmer in the twilight of every season, lighting up your garden in summer and your stylish Scandinavian interior at Christmas.

For those who like to dabble in DIY, Shine asks for a touch of creativity. Push the flaps inwards or outwards – whatever you like best – and simply choose the side you like most, because these lanterns are reversible! Once lit up, the inner side of the lantern becomes slightly transparent, giving it an enchanting look.

Each Shine set contains 3 lanterns. The pop-out cards are size 31 cm x 15 cm. The lanterns are large enough to fit over most drinking glasses and jam jars. Recommended retail price per set: EUR 7.95

From today the Shine lanterns will be available for my retailers. Please consult the stockists page on my website to find a salespoint near you.

And thanks to Irene from Bloesem for lighting my SHINES so lovely on her blog today. I feel honoured!


  1. very beautiful! i love them!

  2. Wow, die zijn wel heel erg leuk !
    Gefeliciteerd met alweer een tof ontwerp!

  3. Mooie foto's hoor J.!
    Die op het schaaltje en op de betonnen vloer bij mekaar prachtig geworden!

  4. Heel erg MOOI en een geweldige sfeer!

  5. echt super mooi gedaan!! ga ze gelijk kopen bij Engel.! liefs Vivian

  6. Tja, dit is natuurlijk weer een topper! Kan niet wachten tot ik ze in mijn webshop heb!
    Fijne vakantie! Christy

  7. Gefeliciteerd! Ze zijn prachtig.

  8. Ze zijn erg mooi geworden. Mijn complimenten!

  9. These are absolutely stunning Jurianne. love them! hope you're having fun. cheers, K xo

  10. als dat geen shine-rage wordt? :) mooie kleuren en de dagen worden stiekem al weer iedere dag korter, dus de lichtjes moeten eerder aan. fijne zomer & vakantie. x ingrid

  11. Ze zijn heel mooi geworden, Jurianne! (mogen zeker op m'n wish-list!)
    groet, Corine

  12. Gorgeous and what a lovely idea to decorate.

  13. I am looking for your lanterns everywhere but I can't find any e-shop which is selling them. So frustrating!


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