Sunday, September 18, 2011

cottage town

These cute little plant-cottages called Cottage Town are the latest product from Ontwerpduo. They play with your sense of 'large' and 'small' and they invite you to enter a fab fairy miniature world, where ordinairy houseplants suddenly turn into huge seqoia's....

I am big fan of Ontwerpduo and this new paper product is special to me: my own printers Luc and Bram from Drukkerij Drukkracht have taken care of the printwork and my die-cut-company did the complicated cutting. So actually I feel rather proud...
The cottages are made of 'waterproof paper', so they can resist rain from a watering can. The cottages are pre-fab (pre-folded and cut), you'll have to do a little constructing yourself. My cup of tea!

Tineke and Nathan from Ontwerpduo will present their cottage town on the Elle Inside Design show that will be held in Amsterdam (IJburg) next week. In the Annie Boshof number 3.
From of that moment it will be available online as well at: BijzonderMOOI* .

If you ever dreamed of buying your own house constructed by the famous Ontwerpduo architects - for less than 10 euro's!!! - this is your chance, go get one (or the whole town of course...)!

Sunday, September 11, 2011

happy hands

Last year I developed a deep desire to work with 'real' materials. As you may know: I design, work with paper and I do business. My work though is mostly digital.

Yay, I am going to get my hands dirty next week on my first ceramics course in Amsterdam! I am going to mold, touch, fire and glaze. I allways thought I didn't have time to follow any courses but I need to give myself a present after three years of enthusiast hard labour and I need this inspiration to keep on doing what I do. Just found some inspiring ceramics on Etsy. I can't wait!

Would love to learn to work with melted glass, like I found on Prince Design UK
Maybe I should start making small tiles, these little handmade triangles would make a beautiful wall in the kitchen...
Seen at Mosaic Monkey
Yes, I know this jar is Ceramics.3, but it would be a nice dream...Isheely
This simple bowl, with a Japanese feel I found on: Glazed Over

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

good vibes, good sales

My very first trade show ever was so much fun! I loved finally meeting my retailers - who helped me build up my business in the past few years - and I loved meeting my collegues and other business friends. I wrote a lot of orders, welcomed dozens of new stockists... Overall: a great trade show! Here you see the stand I shared with Uitgeverij Snor (Moustache Publishers). Claudette and Annemarieke (see photo) are the best 'room mates' you can think of. Professional, fun, sweet and they love having good wine and good food on the stand. Our products are a lovely match and we share a lot of customers. Thanks ladies, for 3 lovely days!