Monday, October 10, 2011

the making of Pilloon

I actually felt rather flattered when Art School illustration student Nina van de Vondervoort contacted me. She was looking for an 'external internship'. She wanted to use her talent and skills in a new way, and she needed guidance through the route of product design. It was a path of 8 weeks and every week Nina sent me her work via e-mail and one day later we sat on the phone for an hour. I commented, guided, asked, shared and gave her instructions for the next step to take.

Nina prooved to be a remarkable student! Not only she had a huge production, she also switched from one step (fase) to the other in a very flexible way and...she really understood the steps to be taken to get the best artistic and commercial result. And - very important - she stayed true to herself!

First of all I told her that my intention was for her to end up with a REAL product, not only a prototype. We chose for a cushion cover.

To 'capture and frame' her own style and handwriting for this product she had to start with a Nina-moodboard, a personal style-source to accompagny her alongside the route. A hell of a job,  you have to get rid of all the images that are not relevant, then again: less is more!

When her moodboard was ready Nina sketched for weeks, mostly without colour, just as many 'scribbles' as possible. In this fase she saw that the sketches of the balloons were worth a next step. So she took a plonge into the balloons, decided the colours for the final pallette and designed both front and back of three cushion covers.
Then the series needed a name and needed to be produced. 
Within a few weeks Nina got her 'Pilloons' live at home, ready to be photographed... 

And now the wonderful and allways surprising online store Envelop is selling Pilloon! Envelop makes lovely artist's designs into high quality cushion covers (got a few myself). Thank you Serge from Envelop for giving talented Nina this opportunity! 

And please readers: do blog, publish and tweet about Nina, she's worth it!


  1. Mooi! jij maakt overal een feestje van :)

  2. colors are very fifties ( nice)
    Guess we got about 5 differnt cushions for Envelop,. they are great !

  3. Wat een leuke reacties! Dank jullie wel! :)

  4. Je prachtige kussens zijn het zeker waard om te bloggen! Dat hebben we bij 101W gedaan! Wens dat je heeeeel veel respons krijgt! Succes en plezier met je creatieve werk, Nina! groet, 101Monique


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