Sunday, October 16, 2011


I was warned by Monique from Vlinspiratie: "Jurianne, if you ever start working with Pinterest, watch out: it is highly addictive!"
Well, I did a very cautious step some time ago, (got myself an account basically) but last night I took a deeper dive in this digital image paradise. And I have to say - after one night - that I am 'hooked', or actually 'pinned'. What a great medium!

I don't understand all the ins-outs-do's-don'ts yet, but I got the message: It is about SHARING and about beauty, forms, ideas, materials, art, design, it actually is about everything that I love!
Here's My Pinterest, hope to meet you there to share! The four lovely photo's above are my very first 'repins'.


  1. Oh I LOVE pinterest, and it's HIGHLY addictive, I agree ;) Prepare to kiss goodbye to large chunks of your time!

    Look forward to following your finds :)) Happy weekend! x

  2. Welcome to Pinterest!
    It's the BEST waste of time I've ever encountered.
    Happy pinning!
    I've started following your finds..........

  3. Hahaha! Je bent er ingetrapt, net als ik!! Pinning is zooooo leuk! Have fun.


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