Sunday, December 4, 2011

make & shop - holiday home

'Simple, back to basic' is my Christmas slogan for this year.
I found some lovely, simple DIY-ornaments on the internet and - for those who even do not have time for sixty-seconds-crafts - I found a couple of  Etsy shops selling warm wintery stuff...

From above left: Long sausage dog, made of knitted lambswool, from Etsy shop Messyfish. Above right a nice Martha Stewart done-in-a-second-project: pipecleaner snowflakes!

Second row: Talking about simple: these pods with white felt peas I found in Etsy shop Fairyfolk. Funny and cute 'no peeking' gift tags from Etsy shop Pixel Impress.

Below: DIY mitten-gift tags (tutorial!) designed by Neal from Present & Correct, (my fav stationery store) on Design Sponge.
And Skandinavian Deko shares this great (yes: simple!) tutorial for paper ornaments.


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