Saturday, January 14, 2012

fase 1 - vase 1

No, this is not my latest find from the thrift store! This vase is actually handmade by me in ceramics class and is one of my first pieces ever.
It looks very mid-century modern, it must be the shape, the colours and of course the shellac technique.

Shellac is a natural varnish that has been used by man for ages. You 'paint' with shellac on dry clay. Your 'shellac design' will resist on your object. After you have washed away a layer of clay with a sponge, the shellac parts will pop-out. The non-varnished parts get a real nice sturdy surface, a concrete look. The shellac itself burns out in the firing.

Just imagine, this is one of thousands of ceramic techniques to be explored. I am dreaming of a sabbatical...


  1. Super en wat een kleurtje! Knap gedaan J.!

  2. Jurianne! It is exquisite, I love it. So organic and so you! Gorgeous. x K

  3. That's a great piece, and it does look very retro!

  4. Prachtig! Gisteravond tijdens de porselein les liet mijn juf deze techniek zien! De schellak is spuug van een luis....maar prachtige vaas! Ik bewaar 'm op mijn keramiek-inspiratie pinbord!


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