Saturday, January 21, 2012

spring 2 years ago

That's funny, I just stumbled apon a photo of my own living room on Pinterest! The source was rather strange (a website about cosmetics? huh?)...

The photo originally comes from a series of pictures I took as a part of a feature on Bloesem blogs two years ago. To keep it exclusive for Bloesem I never posted any of the photo's on my own blog. But I think it is ok by now to show some of them.

A lot of the decoration has changed, the basis is the same. My house is so small that there are only a few options for the sofa, the table and the cupboard...


  1. De blogpost van Bloesem staat nog online:


  2. Thanks Marloes! I am so happy that it didn't disappear just like that! I just found out it is (again!!!) Internet Explorer giving me troubles viewing blogs! I have set good old Firefox as default again... I'll change my blog text now.

  3. mooi.

    just a quick question, though. the beautiful glass green lamp hanging from a metal chord (or so it seems from the pic), is it not connected to the mains? or is it perhaps not a lamp but a gorgeous hanging candle holder?

    just curious (as I'm working on hanging lamps at home at the mo ;)

    dank je wel.

  4. Ha, ha, yes very MOOI! It is a vintage glass pendant lamp! Bought by my parents in the early seventies and according to them it must be a Vistosi or Holmegaard.

    I hung it on a string hoping that my husband would get used to the colour and connect it to the eletricity for real.
    Unfortunately...after a few months he still didn't like the colour (can you understand that??), I found new lamps ( and passed this lovely glass lamp on to my sister.

    1. oh no, but it is gorgeous. oh well, that's the joy of sharing a space with someone else, I suppose ;)

      oh yeah, the terracotta lamps (sigh) I remember reading/ogling those when you bought them. those are fab too (aka very mooi or prachtig ;P)

      pssst, don't tell anyone but I have stuff that's been sitting on the floor waiting to be hung for about a year now. oh, the disarray...

  5. have you ever thought of painting your walls? (or at leaste 2 of them?). I just immediately saw your walls in colour!! this ocre from your plaid...

  6. Hi Agnès, thanks for your comment! That is so funny, that you picture my walls in colour! I really have never ever thought of painting my walls. I am not kidding, it never crossed my mind, because it just doesn't match with me. Since I was in charge of painting my own houses, my walls were white and my home accessories were colourful.

    I do love to see houses with colour though, but I wouldn't feel comfortable to live in it myself.

  7. ;-) I always want to paint every body´s house...

  8. you got a great taste, love your lamps

  9. gezellige serie Jurianne, lieve groet Dietmut

  10. Dear Jurianne,

    today I received a shipment from Sabine with your products for my shop.
    I love all the things you make.

    Best regards from Germany Ilka

  11. Oh, die groene hanglamp! Supermooi!


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