Sunday, February 26, 2012

pressure cooker

Working on my new products, moving the 'warehouse-handling-shipping part' of my company to another location and preparing the 'Voorjaarsbeurs', the Spring Trade Fair (March 4, 5 and 6)...

That's about what I am doing at this moment and my head sometimes feels like a pressure cooker.
I know though that once the Trade Fair starts I will relax and I'll have a huge smile on my face presenting my new 'Pop-up Posters' to the customers.

Uitgeverij Snor will be my 'room mate' on the Trade Fair again. We had great fun last september, and their books and my paperwork are a good match. The stand (number C341) location will be the same, the look will be different this time....

I wish I could show you my new posters right now! But I promissed myself this time not to reveal anything on the internet until a product is ready and for sale at my customers. Another good reason for you to come to Utrecht?
I hope to meet you there!

Monday, February 13, 2012

my DIY-free downloadable designs at Bloesem

Over the years I learned to say NO to people. But there's a few very special people I cannot refuse anything and one of them is Irene from Bloesem blogs
So, although my to-do-list is overflowing at the moment, I saw myself writing 'YES of course!' when she asked me if had some nice Valentine's DIY download stuff for her blog.

I designed a double sided a5 card with a matching gift wrap.
According to my 3 musketeers here the designs are 'men-proof' (no pink, not too girlie). So females can send it to their male-Valentines, they will love it!

It 's less than a few minutes work: go to Bloesem - download and print the pdf's (thick a4 paper for the card, thin for the wrapping paper), fold the card, write some sweet words in the heart, cut the heart on the dashed lines and fold it open a little.

Happy Valentine's Day!

Friday, February 3, 2012

ceramics class - jar

Isn't this a beautiful new place to stay for the small pieces of coloured glass I found in our river in France? I melted them in the lid of the new ceramic jar I made in class and I am so happy with it! I actually mixed them with a few coloured glass beads my mom kept from my childhood.

Sweet memories in a new piece of work!

It is striking: there is the retro touch again! Can't seem to get rid of it. And should I? My roots are in the seventies, feels like home...