Monday, May 28, 2012

pop-up sale in Madrid

If you happen to be/live in Spain - Madrid - at the moment:
Sofia Fernández Caleri, from Mamblona has organized another pop-up Sale! Sofia used to be one of my regular stockists, but sticks to amazing pop-up-sales since a couple of years. The surprising locations and the assortment of crafty products she collects make it into an event not to be missed!

illustration by Juliana Salcedo

Sunday, May 20, 2012

very pinteresting

Although first of all I am my own personal source, recently I was influenced more and more by images from other designers I collected on my Pinterest-boards. Pinterest makes getting inspired so easy!
To be honest, after a while my head starts spinning from all the Pinterest pictures. And to get myself working (in stead of collecting more and more inspirational images) I sometimes have to put myself on a Pinterest-diet.

In the process of designing the pop-up posters  for example, I think I was influenced by a lovely print designed by Andrew Holder, by a mascara package from Topshop and by the reflected inkblots on Isabelle Foirest's plates.

Sunday, May 6, 2012


On our way to the island of Ameland in the north of the Netherlands we stayed in Leeuwarden and visited some beautiful towns, museums and some of my Frysian customers!
One of them - the lovely Gerrie Tiemersma from hairsalon 't Kapperszaakje in Franeker bought me this little gift in the local thrift store. Beautiful vintage montessori school supplies! Very inspiring for the future tiles collection I am dreaming of...If you are in the neighbourhood - even if you don't need a haircut - you should visit her salon on the Dijkstraat number 60. It has an extraordinairy, crafty and nice atmosphere, my designs feel at home there! 
And don't forget to drive to Sneek and visit Elles and Maaike in their new and huge store Nio & Elva (they sell Hay, Muuto, Ferm, Marimekko and my Blom flowers).

And then we went to Ameland for a couple of days, to breath some sea air, get some salt in our hair, sand in our shoes and study fishing net structures