Thursday, June 7, 2012

New York!

Map by John Breznicky
It was an immediate YES, when Tuttobene asked me to join them in the Dutch Design stand on the International Gift Fair in New York next August.
It was a wish already for some years to set foot and grow on the US market with my designs. What better place is there to start than New York?
This is all so new to me, I've never crossed the endless ocean before and I must say I suddenly feel so small!

How will it be, all by myself in the big apple? Where can I stay for those six nights (not too expensive, but still clean, safe and quiet AND in Manhattan West side - talking about unrealistic whislists....)? In the few hours left next to promoting my work on the stand, where can or do I have to go?
So now I am hoping for some of your good idea's for sleeping, eating and spending time in New York, adresses, links....
I would really appreciate your email or your comment here on my blog.

 Thanks in advance!
Big Apple/La Mela by Enzo Mari


  1. ♪♪ new york, new york...
    super Jurianne!

  2. How great!
    If you don´t mind staying in a 8-bed-room ;-), I really can recommend this:
    Great location with a beautiful garden, friendly staff and people from all around the globe next to the Central Park.
    I enjoyed staying there - but maybe you´ll need a little bit more luxury?

    1. Thanks! The price is extremely low and the location sounds great! But you guessed it right: I think I need a little more luxury since I will probably be completely exhausted from work every night (and since I am an old woman of 48)! Having had a good look at the B&B's in NYC I would already be happy with a price under $ 175 per night...

  3. WOWOWOWOWOWOWOW How cool!!!!!


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