Sunday, February 24, 2013

final launch

Here's my Fleet!

These little paper ships can
- transport your wishes to the other end of the world
- carry treats on a birthday
- invite your guests to your party 
- and decorate your home, your plants or your gifts!

For this new Fleet I designed 4 tiny ships and I think they are so cute! So now there's 11 boats in the pack: three A4-size, four A5 size and four of those new A6 size little boats. A real Fleet!
Although there are 11 boats in the Fleet pack (in the first series it is 8 pcs) the price is the same as serie 1, only € 9,95.

Dear fellow bloggers... Of course I would be so happy if you would spread my good Fleet-news over the planet. I have taken many more photo's than I show you here, and you are very welcome to download them below for use on your blog. Don't forget to send me a link (email), so I can thank you...
Thanks big time!

High res images
Low res images

Sunday, February 17, 2013


the gorgeous HAY-scissors - a gift from Sandra from her own store BijzonderMOOI

While taking photo's of my new Fleet wishboats (you'll see them in a few days) I noticed that all of my new thriftshop props have earthy colours. No coral red anymore, no yellow, which was definately my favourite for years! At the moment I only want to be surrounded by deep and tranquil pastels, with hardly any constrast. Maybe I just had an overdose of bright colours in the past few years?
I find it very interesting to see my (and other persons') colour palette change and develop over the years! So: what are you into at the moment?

Friday, February 8, 2013

we showedUP last weekend!

left: photo taken from the showUP website
A couple of meters from my stand: the Stork restaurant for a healthy lunch!
The new ShowUP trade fair was beyond expectations! Good vibes, great collegues, lovely location, fantastic styling, enthusiastic visitors and even some orders (thanks guys!). This is what the professional home/gift world in the Netherlands needed.  
Enough reason to sign up for the second edtion in August!