Sunday, February 24, 2013

final launch

Here's my Fleet!

These little paper ships can
- transport your wishes to the other end of the world
- carry treats on a birthday
- invite your guests to your party 
- and decorate your home, your plants or your gifts!

For this new Fleet I designed 4 tiny ships and I think they are so cute! So now there's 11 boats in the pack: three A4-size, four A5 size and four of those new A6 size little boats. A real Fleet!
Although there are 11 boats in the Fleet pack (in the first series it is 8 pcs) the price is the same as serie 1, only € 9,95.

Dear fellow bloggers... Of course I would be so happy if you would spread my good Fleet-news over the planet. I have taken many more photo's than I show you here, and you are very welcome to download them below for use on your blog. Don't forget to send me a link (email), so I can thank you...
Thanks big time!

High res images
Low res images


  1. Zo iets moois zet ik graag op m'n blog!

  2. Mooi! Die bootjes zet ik op mijn blog hoor :)

  3. Wat een mooie foto's!!! Super combi met de voorjaarstakken! Mooi!

  4. Hè, fijn al die schouderklopjes...ik zou zonder moeten kunnen inmiddels, maar ik blijf ook maar een mens. Dank jullie wel!

  5. he Juriane,
    I´m german and just discover your blog and this post. Very creative and cute ... I like to see more!


  6. GE-WELDIG leuk en prachtige kleuren :)


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