Sunday, March 10, 2013


I've never felt the need for having plants in my house, since I have a nice green garden that I love to work in...
But somehow on a cold winter's day a few weeks ago - fed up with the snow - I bought basic flower pots and a lovely Succulent Family! Succulents are famous for growing without much care, just my cup of tea, I thought.

I created a little garden in my bathroom, because I love the combination of tiles and plants.
Every morning, while taking a shower, I enjoy the sight of my new green relatives. Miracles happen: I even water them every now and then...


  1. Wow such beauties! I love succulents, my favourites. I am hosting a weekly link up on my blog called Nature in the home - celebrating plants and flowers in people's houses. I would love it if you would add your bathroom friends to the list. Thank you, Lou xxx

  2. Gezelligheid in de badkamer! Leuke Jurianne, ik zou bijna even langs wippen om te komen kijken ;), nu ik weet dat we dorpgenootjes zijn. Groetjes, Katja

  3. Heerlijk een beetje groen in huis! Pas ook allerlei 'oldfashion' planten gekocht. Staat lekker fris.

  4. Hee wat mooi! Dat zijn ook mijn planten, weinig verzorging nodig enzo ;)


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