Sunday, March 17, 2013

humans of new york

It was Kay from Kaylovesvintage that wrote a kind of ps in her blogpost: 'My favorite website at the moment is Humans of New York'
Since I like Kays' taste, I love humans ;-) and I went to NY in August, I immediately clicked on the link and couldn't stop scrolling, looking and reading!

Humans of NY is hosted by Brandon Stanton, a photographer and storyteller, who walks the streets of New York on a daily basis. He watches and approaches his 'humans' completely fearless and with so much attention, love and humor. And the way he tells their stories - sometimes in just a few words - is so very pure!

The first two photo's for example got the following quotes: 
 Left (asian woman): “May I take your photo? You look beautiful.”
“OK, just make sure you can see the bag.”
“Oh, I didn’t realize you were advertising something.”
“Isn’t everything beautiful advertising something?”
 Right (little girl): “We ordered her those pants, and as soon as they arrived, she cut off the bottoms and made a pair of gloves.” 

If you had plans for this Sunday, just forget it: if you click the link you'll stay at home and visit Brandon's New York...


  1. Geweldig! Wat gaaf dit! En die teksten erbij :)

    1. Ja hè, helemaal de juiste vibe, New York op zijn best!

  2. ...guess what I just did the past three hours?! this tumblr is absolutely great. Coming from a small German town, I really like to look at all kinds of colourfull people and their stories. I`m looking forward to living in a bigger city!

  3. Hahahaha, I told you so! You don't have to move to a bigger city (noise, polution) just look in the mirror if you want to see a colourful person: I guess you are one yourself!

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  5. New York, New York
    I want to wake up in that city
    That never sleeps

  6. what's the story of the lady in green? Great site!


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