Sunday, April 14, 2013

who designed my new table lamp?

Meet my latest purchase from the online second hand market called Marktplaats. For only € 26,- it was mine! I loved the size (the shade is huge!), the shape, the perspex material and the price!
I would love to know what designer or manufacturer produced this lamp back in - what I believe - the late seventies/early eighties. I know it's not a Verner Panton, it misses a certain refined touch. But I am curious if there is anyone amongst you that might have a clue of the origine? I would be happy to hear it!


  1. What a great find Jurianne! Geweldig! Heelas geen idee wie de ontwerper is.
    Liefs. Sonia

  2. Hoi, misschien kun je hier kijken en dit ook proberen met je lamp:
    succes ermee.


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