Monday, June 17, 2013

my print on Engel-bags

Last Saturday I received a lovely package: 2 wonderful bags, a gift from Engel. Some years ago I designed this elephant-pattern for Engel-tablecloths.
Engel has used the pattern on bags now, and I love it!
By the way - as you can expect from Engel - the bags are real practical and made in a high quality. I am really happy with them!
Although neon has been banned from my personal color palette for a while now, the small neon one (which is much brighter in real than you can see here) is my favorite...
Thanks for the gift dear Sabien!


  1. Leuk! Van ome Harm! Grappig toch

  2. Haha, idd: de mooie kwaliteit komt via jouw man. Hoera voor Harm (great job!)!!

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