Tuesday, August 27, 2013

show-up trade fair

My neighbours
Flowers everywhere by Vlinder en Vogel
There were large craft-tables, where you could macramé you
My 'assistants' Peter and Yvonne (my new sales person!), they were a great help!
For all you bloggers and people in the retail business: your next trip to Amsterdam should be combined with this awesome trade fair in home accessories!

We started the first edition in February 2013 with 25 stands, this time there were 50 companies! Small new companies (designers) but also settled names like Marimekko, Serax and Ferm all together in one huge industrial building next to the water in Amsterdam. I met a lot of dear customers, nice new people with new shops, I met bloggers, designers and stylists. The whole atmosphere was so fresh and inspiring! It was a pleasure having my stand there again.

Dear ShowUP people: thanks, you really make a difference in the dusty trade fair world...

Sunday, August 18, 2013

XL-news & thank you's

I am excited to share my news with you:

- I have designed 2 new XL-angels - A3 size
- I have a new website (.com ánd .nl)
- and a real JM-logo!

Little Angels Grow Bigger!

Following the success of her ‘children’ (the little Sing angels), mother XL-Angel herself has now come down to make us smile! With her large shape and her pop-out dress – you can open up the berries on her dress – she is a striking presence. She loves to take centre stage at your dinner table, but will also smile cheerfully at you all year round from your sideboard or window ledge.  The XL-Angel is a striking, unique and affordable gift.

The easy pop-out XL-Angel is set in an A3 format card and comes in a bag with ‘handles’. The two colour themes available, blue-red and turquoise-ochre, are sold separately.

Recommended retail price per set: EUR 7.95

Thank you Amorim Design for the great job you have done with my new website! It took some time, but with your patience, perseverence, web-craftmanship and your sense of  beauty we reached our goal!

Thank you Peter (my husband), for 'filling' the website with web-photo's, texts, salespoint links etc. You have a precision I envy, sweetheart...thanks!

Thank you Tessa Kwee, for the wonderful logo! It was a kind of a quest and a rocky path to follow, but I have to say I am really, really happy with my JM. Thanks!

Not to forget: thanks Luc Biersteker (my partner in printwork) for coming up with the gorgeous idea of packaging the XL-angels in bags with a large 'handle'. It looks so cute!

Sunday, August 11, 2013

blum's world

Eric Blum, New York artist, painter of drops and clowds, creator of a poetic waterworld. His paintings might look like abstract photographs, everything is ink painted on silk...
So very inspiring!

Sunday, August 4, 2013

my bloesem gift

Irene from Bloesem Blogs and I had a lovely date in Amsterdam last Thursday. We had a lot of catching up to do since it was already one year ago that we spent a week in New York together...
We shared experiences, put them in a wider perspective, we talked about how to focus - a thing Irene is very good at - for me something I seem to loose every now and then.
I feel so inspired and strengthened by collegues/friends like Irene!

She gave me a precious gift: one of the necklaces of her BloesemWear collection. The beautiful gem stones (aquamarine and a faceted citrine), are wonderfully put together like a flower with leaves on a stem. It has the special Bloesem touch: delicate, chic yet simple design. 
I woke up wearing it this morning, just completely forgot to take it off last night. We are already inseperable ;-)