Sunday, August 4, 2013

my bloesem gift

Irene from Bloesem Blogs and I had a lovely date in Amsterdam last Thursday. We had a lot of catching up to do since it was already one year ago that we spent a week in New York together...
We shared experiences, put them in a wider perspective, we talked about how to focus - a thing Irene is very good at - for me something I seem to loose every now and then.
I feel so inspired and strengthened by collegues/friends like Irene!

She gave me a precious gift: one of the necklaces of her BloesemWear collection. The beautiful gem stones (aquamarine and a faceted citrine), are wonderfully put together like a flower with leaves on a stem. It has the special Bloesem touch: delicate, chic yet simple design. 
I woke up wearing it this morning, just completely forgot to take it off last night. We are already inseperable ;-)

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  1. Prachtig! Kan me voorstellen dat jullie nu al onafscheidelijk zijn :)


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