Sunday, October 20, 2013

dutch design week 2013

Like last year - you remember my wall with 1000 paper Circles? - I am attending the DDW in Eindhoven in an exhibition called Dutch Design Freak this week. It is held again in the ART Hotel Eindhoven, in the very center of the event, next to grand café Usine.

Building up cost us only a few hours this time so I had time to meet some of my direct neighbours:
Liza Witte with her amazing and delicate perfume bottles made out of soap. She developed the fragrances as well: combinations of fig/thyme and cedarwood, or basil, rose and green tea... I absolutely love the idea, the look and the smell of her Silhouette Collection. Next to that I find Liza one of the most sympathetic perfectionists I ever met.
Isabel Quiroga shows vases, candle holders and these Back to Basic Lamps. When I saw them I immediately went back to my childhood, when I liked playing 'office'.
Next to Isabel's lamps you can see some necklaces by Jantje Fleischhut. Allthough she loves working with plastic materials her jewellery has a certain 'chic'.

I won't be on the exhibition myself this week since I don't have any spare time at the moment. Next week on Sunday (last day of DDW) I'll be in Eindhoven though. I am really looking forward to see new ideas, to feel the inspiration and to meet my friends and collegues!


  1. Wat te gek dat je daar (weer) staat! Succes en veel plezier!

  2. Super leuk weer Juut. Lijkt me zo gaaf om 'gewoon' onderdeel uit te maken van de DDW!!! XL


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