Sunday, October 6, 2013

gold mine

Fog & Morup lamp DEcirculo, pendant hanger Sewasong
Gilded leaves idea from Inspired, gold leaf glasses found at Brit
Designing my latest paper product - which I will show you later this week - I noticed that everything in me was focussed on gold and shiny things. I think it was just to find a counterbalance to the always mat and 'dry' material that paper is.
I saw to it not to overdo it in my new design, and I won't turn my home into some luxurious looking Wallpaper-like interior with golden walls. I will just stick to a small golden detail, a speckle here and there, enough to let my home sparkle a little.


  1. Sparkles, I love it! Ben benieuwd naar je nieuwe product én bedankt voor je mail! Ik ga een poging wagen:)


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