Sunday, November 17, 2013


I am a great admirer of Susanne de Graef's work.
I wrote about her lamp 'the rithm of light' 4 years ago. And now she catches my attention again with her art called 'Recollections'.

Susanne explains: When you buy a postcard of an impressive painting you just saw in a museum you take the recollection home and somehow it feels like you own the original painting. Through the recollection (and the reproduction on the postcard) it became yours.
Susanne made a relief print in metal of an object, so it became a recollection of the object it once was (can't figure out what it is actually, and I don't mind).

I like the way she thinks and I love the result of her work. I want it on my wall! And it is within reach, even for me, it only costs € 275,- For sale at Studio de Winkel.

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