Sunday, January 26, 2014

showUP and co-create!

Trade fair ShowUP is getting BIG. We started last year in february with 25 stands, and I am so proud to say that this year 75 wholesalers will be showing their latest designs!
A big hooray for Daan and Maya from the showUP organisation: they combine professionalism with thinking out-of-the-box. Next to a real professional trade show, ShowUP is a center of inspration and co-creation.

ShowUP loves to see people connect! This year there will be a wonderful embroidery 'machine', (see above) by designer Floor Nijdeken. It is called Crossover Collective. Visitors can sit down, stich and co-create an XXL piece of embroidery together with other people. I think this is awesome!

So, to all you people in the home-gift-design-interior business (retailers, bloggers, designers or students): come to the Kromhouthal in Amsterdam next week (sunday 02-02 and monday 03-02). Entrance is free after registration on the website.

At this very moment I can not tell you if I will manage to show you samples of my future collection of ceramics or tea towels next week on ShowUP. If the samples come in, it will be at the very last minute (the beakers will still be hot the ink still wet, I am afraid) and I will have to decide on the spot whether the collection is good enough (price/quality/production) to be presented on the market.

To be honest, I am not sleeping very well these last is too exciting.


  1. See you next monday Jurianne! I'll be hoping for you everything turns out just right, just in time! xo

    1. Dank je wel, ik hoop zo dat ik alles kan laten zien en o.a. van jou eerlijke feedback te krijgen. Tot maandag! Volgens mij wordt het druk...

  2. Finally we will meet Jurianne! Not in our hometown but at Showup. will see you Monday!

  3. Ik sla deze keer over maar wens je veel succes!! x Fem

    1. Dank je wel! Volgende X is showUP net zo leuk (misschien nóg wel leuker). Tot dan!


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