Sunday, January 5, 2014

to confess colour

Working on colours is one of the best parts of the design process if you ask me. 
I am busy developping a small ceramics collection (tea/coffee cups) and I need to define the colour scheme before tomorrow. 
It is striking: I always end up in greys, blues and golds. It seem to be the colours that belong to me at this moment. 
By the way, I like the first palette best: greyish blue with 'nude' and 'blush', but how would it be to drink your coffee out of cups in those colours? Maybe a black and white would be better? 

All of the pictures can be tracked back via my Pinterest colour board.


  1. Mooie kleuren!
    Soms is het lastig om kleuren bij elkaar te laten passen en dan gaat het weer vanzelf!

  2. Like the first and the last palette best! Even with coffee!!!!


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