Sunday, February 23, 2014


Dutch stylist/artist Miranda van Dijk from PuurAnders prints art and photo's on cotton leaves. In a very delicate and beautiful way she connects nature with art (see above) and also with people's personal memories.
Starting point of her crafty business was a photo of her grandmother as a young girl dancing in a beautiful dress. Her granny died and Miranda wanted to keep the memory alive...
Miranda has an Etsy-shop too and she loves to make a customized flower or leaf for you!

Sunday, February 9, 2014

teaching in Singapore

I am going to teach at Bloesem Class in Singapore in a few weeks!

Irene from Bloesem blogs invited me and I am so much looking forward to work with people in Singapore in the lovely creative space Irene has created there.

I will give a class about a favourite part of my job: moodboarding & styling! Every single design from my hand starts with a moodboard. It serves as my base, a creative source, it is my guide through the path of the designing process.
Read all about the class here. I think there are still some seats left, so if you are in Singapore: sign in!

All photo's taken by Irene/Bloesem.