Sunday, April 13, 2014

still live analysis

It must be because of  Instagram (YES, you can follow me ;-) that I am intrigued by still life photography more and more. This morning I tried to analyze why some still life photo's fascinate me and others don't.
Queen of still lives, if you ask me, is Dietlind Wolf .
She was one of the first taking pictures of graphically arranged items from a top view (like the above right image). It's a trend on IG, and it's almost over it's expiration date, I think. Dietlind Wolf however constantly reinvents herself. So she uses the very same item in different ways and takes pictures in different points of view (see the hanging lemon on the left image)
And this is another nice way  to spice up the graphic top view 'trend' a little: adding tape, or illustration, or different backgrounds etc.

Jennilee Marigomen
And here it is, the definition of still life if you ask me. Capturing a real moment, a comprimed and slow mini world, a picture that says: shhhhh...

a morning without coffee is like sleep (by *Cinnamon)
Simple life, daylight, no slick styling or lay out.
I love good shadows in pictures! Talking about capturing a moment...

We know there must be more - a complete arrangement, a vase, a table - but this is all we get to see.

Maggie Ruggiero
Like the flower picture above, this food styling doesn't look balanced at first sight, the items fall off the picture on the right. But therefore I love it so much.

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