Sunday, June 8, 2014

north of spain

photo's above from trekearth and mikestravelguide
Your tips and comments on my cry for vacation ideas were so helpful! Thanks a lot!

I actually managed to find a vacation that suits our wishes and that of our sons! The north of Spain is going to 'build the bridge' between the generations ;-). At least that is what we hope for!

CadaquƩs - the small white town where Salvador Dali was born - should have it all.
We will be staying there for one week, the next we will travel a little more south to Tamariu, less picturesque but still great I think and only 100 km away from Barcelona.
I am so looking forward to it, can't wait...

ps: So nice that in those 2 weeks last years summer foster parents from our cat Gijs will stay in our house again this time.

pps: It's a hell of a job organising a vacation, you definately need a holiday after it!


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