Sunday, June 15, 2014

Out of the woods by Rozemarijn

These two lovely tea towels are designed by my 'extern intern' Rozemarijn Groenewold. Her designs are very narrative, nordic and poetic, but still she has a rather sturdy graphic style. I really love her work!

On exploring the target group, creating a moodboard and the actual design of the tea towels Rozemarijn only spend a short time: she has a very accurate way of designing.

And now she is looking for a company that would like to buy her designs in order to produce and sell them. Rozemarijn is an art school student so she is not able to pre-finance the production herself. Of course: if I would have had the financial resources I would have bought this little collection, but as you porbably know I have my own tea towels (and ceramics) to finance this year!  

I believe in Rozemarijn. 
I believe in her tea towels. And that's why I ask your help!

Does anyone of you know a possible next step for her?  

For example: Do you have contacts in the home textile world, do you know brands that might be interested? Maybe you know the product developper of Marimekko or Ferm Living, or maybe your ARE the product developper of Marimekko or Ferm (even better!)...

Please leave Rozemarijn a note via the email adress on her tea towel blog or leave a comment here on my blog. She (well...we!) would be so grateful for any good ideas!



  1. No ideas, I'm sorry... But I really love her graphic style! Wonderful Tea Towels!!! Ulli


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