Sunday, October 26, 2014

SUN - new pop-up poster

Here comes the sun
Here comes the sun, and I say
It's all right 
                                               The Beatles

Designed to keep me awake
It was at the last day at the Maison & Objet fair in Paris. At noon it seemed that all the visitors were having lunch, my stand was empty. And there I stood on my sore feet and suddenly I noticed how exhausted I was. I thought: if I sit down right now I never get up again. So I kept standing, took my notebook and a pen and gave myself an assignment, just to keep myself awake.
The A3-landscape posters were almost sold out. So a new A3 poster perhaps? I always loved the sun in these Landscape posters, it was my favorite. So I actually stole the sun from the Landscape posters, draw extra elements and sun beams and wrote next to it in my notebook: large and GOLD!

So here it is
A large graphic sun with die-cut sunbeams you can unfold yourself!

The 'here comes the SUN' pop-up poster has been printed with gold metallic ink on A3 size artisan 220 gr. Rives paper.
The poster can be framed in different ways: in a deep frame with glass, in a frame without glass or by means of so-called reusable adhesive glue − in other words; using ‘Blu-Tack’ to attach the poster to your wall. The framing technique in my photographs shows beautifully finished slats with milled magnets that keep everything nicely (and invisibly) together. I bought this 'frame' at
And of course this product is eco-friendly produced too! 
The retailprice is € 18,95 - you can check my website for a stockist near you.

And the beautiful photo's? Of course again taken by my friend/stylist Valerie Delsman


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