Sunday, January 25, 2015

ShowUP spring issue

The biggest stress for a designer/wholesaler is getting the final samples or the production at the trade shows in time twice a year. My experience is that either parcels arrive super last minute on the build-up day (when you are lucky), or the production process gets stuck somehow and you have nothing at all to show. But I never give up hope and I keep on planning semi-unrealistic launches. This dreamer is unteachable in that regard.

New products that will be there for sure are: new Sailing Lightboats (see test ship above left) and my first series of Tea Towels (yay, finally!). The tea towel  final samples are here, the production bulk will arrive within 10 days from now. 
Would love to meet you at ShowUP  next week! So if you are a professional in the field, hop over to their website and subscribe for a free ticket.