Thursday, February 26, 2015

bloesem foodstyling in NL

As one of their first teachers in Singapore last year, I am so happy to announce that Bloesem Class is spreading her wings and coming to the Netherlands! Couldn't be more proud of Irene and her team: in one year they have built not only a stylish little design store in Singapore, there's also Bloesem Class, with it's own studio and professional teachers from all over the planet. Every time Irene announces a class I think: I wish I lived in Singapore!
The foodstyling class called 'Instafood - foodstyling and mobile photography' will be hosted by Bloesem team member Zara S., together with Trisha Toh a well-known instagrammer. They will teach you how to artfully style your food and take Instagram shots that will make your followers drool all over. The classes will be held in Amsterdam in March. For more information and to sign up, look here.

Signing up is giving yourself a very very nice gift. A Bloesem Class is so well taken care of: An inspiring stylish location, the best tools from great teachers and during the class there's always the finest catering...

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