Wednesday, February 4, 2015

live add - changing trade fairs

ShowUP was, again, very nice. Everyone was happy with the light and airy location and with the number of exhibitors!
I hardly left my stand, so here's 2 photo's of mine (above) and of my neighbours Ompak, for whom I designed a new collection as well.

Doing business on trade fairs has been changing a little over the years. And I must say: somehow it's for the better. Have we been writing orders anonymously all day some years ago, nowadays trade fairs are more a kind of 'live add' with personal attention to the customers. It's much more about connecting and exchanging: telling the story behind your products, listen to the customers needs, getting to know each other. Customers are more cautious with their purchases (and I must say, so am I), and that is completely ok!
Both my new floating lightboats and my tea towels were welcomed (and ordered, yes!) with great enthusiasm! It makes me feel grateful...

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