Sunday, February 15, 2015

NEW: rite (de passage) - sailing lightboats

These were the boats I wished I could have designed ten years ago, when I could have used them so wonderfully to commemorate a dear friend...

Somehow I couldn't design an unsinkable ship with a lighted cabin on it's deck, back then, a ship that was easy to fold from flat paper to 3 dimensional. The first try outs came out as ugly square bowls (out of which we dutch tend to eat our french fries...the so called 'patatbak'), or they looked like lovely elegant boats but they sank within a minute.

This winter I somehow conquered the small technical problems and here they are!

It really is an enchanting spectacle: tiny, illuminated boats finding their way across the dark water. When I was testing them, I was moved by their cuteness, it kind of looks like there's a soul in there behind the lighted windows!

If you buy these boats, you buy an experience, a silent or happy and certainly beautiful moment to share with others.

You can use them (a couple of times) for your pond or pool at garden parties or weddings. You can also set them free on a river or on the sea, they will take your wishes and thoughts away in the flow.

Write your wish/text along the railing and then fold the boat in just a few minutes. Because they are initially flat, these boats make an ideal gift to send in the post.

And should you not be able to fish them out of the water after use: my boats are fully degradable in nature within 6 months. In comparison: normal balloons take 20 years to do the same! I do advise the use of beeswax tea-light candles, without aluminium cups. 

Oh and please if you buy them and use them for an occasion: I would be so thankful with a couple of photo's of your lightboat moment!

You can find salespoints HERE


  1. Love them!
    Die andere bootjes waren ook al erg leuk, maar deze die echt kunnen varen....


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