Sunday, April 26, 2015

another reality

When I looked at my Photography Pinterest board today it struck me that I have a preference for poetic shadows and reflections and for people portrayed in an undefined way (without faces).

I use this board as a counterpart for the photo's of the harsh reality I find in the daily newspaper. My board may look dreamy but is not a dream; these photo's just depict another world, another reality... Thanks dear photographers for making it visible!

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

NEW - doing the dishes

Yay, I am so happy: since last week I can say I have a Collection (capital C ;-) of 4 tea towels! Since my new tea towel designs Rosary Vine and Pear are now available too!
The fun thing is: producing these last two tea towels costed me hardly any energy.

Designing/producing the first 2 called Spore and LookUP was the hardest part: it took us almost a year of sampling before I had the right kind of  fabric, before the loop and the labels were correct and placed at the right corner, the cardboard sleeve printed on the right paper with the right colour...

Since the towel was ok now I only had to design 2 different new prints, nothing else. What a luxury!

The print on the Rosary Vine tea towel is based on a simple hanging plant in my studio. I had been looking for inspiration for days, while there it was, right beside me on the cabinet! I also found my inspiration for Pear close to home, in my fruit bowl: nearby, simple, and what a beautiful shape! 
My tea towels carry the GOTS organic logo and the Fairtrade label! These arent just any old pictograms. The entire chain from the seed to the stitching done in the factory meets the strict organic and fair-trade requirements. 
If you are interested to buy one (or two, or the complete collection, hihi) you can find a stockist near you (worldwide) here.