Wednesday, November 25, 2015

leap & launch

I am back on the blog! Designing, doing business (trade fairs) and taking pics for Instagram was totally absorbing me in the past 5 months. I am so sorry for 'not being there' for such a long time...

LEAP: I am taking a huge leap here - from summer to winter - there's so many new things to share!


I never had a consumer shop, I saw myself as a designer/wholesaler in the first place. But in this last year I saw I was the last of the Mohicans: all of my fellow designers and wholesale colleagues had already started their own webshops. Finally I can say 'yes' to private customers that would like to buy one or two designs from me personally...

And there are lots of new designs! 

CERAMICS:  Maybe you can remember what a long and complicated road I had to travel to get my ceramic cups called Ode (see below) produced. 

The cups are now temporarily being produced in Holland (great to have short lines and good quality) but because of the high costs, there is no decent margin in it for me. I am busy finding manufacturers in Portugal. In the meantime my wonderful Dutch try out production is selling like crazy!

Somehow I felt like designing a softer and more mature version of the Sing angels (which were recently reprinted). The new ones called Himli angels have soft pastels, greyish colours and small patterns.

And last but not least I designed 2 new XL angels. A dusk blue one and a white one, both with graphic black prints. Of course the first XL angels from 2013 are still there (be it limited), so now there's an angel for every style and taste!