Wednesday, December 16, 2015

christmas: 8 easy peasy projects - DIY

All I want for Christmas is...TIME! Just some little spare time to do a few small craft projects. Maybe more because of the meditative part of the crafting itself than for the stunning result. However, when I see these lovely easy peasy projects I found on Pinterest I might go for the results as well! 

From top left: 
  • For small houses, a flat wall-hanging christmas tree.
  • A complete advent village, cut and built in a few hours. 
  • And my own free printable christmas lights, they were on my blog a few years ago, I still kind of like them. You can download them here: last-minute-christmas-lights 
  • Completely my cup of tea: a paper cut christmas wreath.
  • What about this easy wool bulbs? You can make wonderful variations with different kinds of wool I think.
  • If I can lay my hand on pine pipecleaners somewhere (never heard of before!) I will definately make these pine-snowflakes!
  • I would love to make 10 small versions of this cranberry wreath/crown to decorate the plates on the christmas table with.
  • 'Words on the wall' version 2.0: moss-sheet letters!

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