Wednesday, December 9, 2015

loena - magical glowing patterns in the dark

You might know them already, these Loena lanterns by Nathan and Tineke from the Dutch Design brand Ontwerpduo. I bought the lamp about one year ago and forgot to blog about it. In the meantime they have been designing dozens of new incredibly beautiful things (amazing glas pendant lights for instance). But I had to start somewhere catching up with my blogposts!
Besides: I love my Loena lamp, especially switched off, it makes me not want to leave the room, because of the magic that happens in the paper as soon as it gets dark. 

I love Ontwerpduo's dreaminess, their nostalgia and the fact that every one of their designs could be a prop in a beautiful fairytale. 

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  1. Zo mooi he! Jouw prachtige engeltjes staan nu trouwens op mijn blog als BijzonderMOOI give away :)


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