Tuesday, December 29, 2015

wilder mann - folk rituals in europe

Somehow European culture - the folk and rituals part of it - is in my genes. 

If I had time I would spend most of my days doing research on this particular cultural field. What I love about this pre-Christian culture is the leading role for nature and the cycle of life. 

Filling up my 'celebrate' board on Pinterest I came across these pictures taken by French photographer Charles Fréger for his book Wilder Mann. Fréger visited 18 European countries, photographing people performing ancient rituals. They dress up as savages, devils, bears and goats to celebrate the seasonal cycle, fertility, life, and death.

This book is an important European document. Not because I think that ancient traditions should be preserved at all costs. But it shows us how people gave and still give meaning to their simple daily life in a very personal and authentic way.  Maybe it can encourage us to invent our own beautiful rituals that suit the modern times we live in.


  1. Ugh I love this collection of photographs. I think about it so often and I have considered doing my own version of the project. Thank you for reminding me of it!

    Scarlett and Giselle

    1. Yeah, that would be lovely, doing this project from your point of view. There are still so many smaller hidden rituals and traditions to be explored! ps: love your blog!


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