Tuesday, January 26, 2016

designs from the pressure cooker

In 10 days I will present my new and old stuff at the ShowUP trade fair here in the Netherlands again. It feels like being in a pressure cooker at the moment.

Last week I decided to skip one of my new designs because of the costs: a beautiful tray, made in Sweden (see photo of a sample together with my Ode cup). Reason: the consumer price would become too high for my target group! 
So I needed a back-up plan.

My friend Linda Lammerts recently mentioned in passing that good old simple greeting cards would be such a nice match with my designs. So funny, although I am 'Mrs Paper', the idea of designing greeting cards never occurred to me! Thanks Lin, for waking me up!

I started last Friday, worked all weekend, and I just sent the greeting card files to the printer's. On the above photo the sketch looks a little pink, but in reality it's more camel. It's going to be printed on beautiful 400 gr. Olin paper, one of my favorites!

In short: I will still be rather busy the coming weeks, but for now I can let some steam out!

Sunday, January 17, 2016

looking for color courage - styling dark

I feel that little by little I am leaving the white and pastel overexposed world behind. I am very much intrigued by products, interiors and (photo)styling with dark colors at the moment.

Dark colors are often connected to some occult draculastyle, a worn out industrial feel, or an obscure baroque style (with chandeliers and dead pheasants etc). This is totally not Jurianne.
So I am actually searching for a dark style that would suit me and my designs: fresh, clean, nordic, always a bit midcentury modern.

My new paper product (coming in a few weeks) has hardly any white and the colours I used are rather dark and strong. Above some pics I used for my products' design-source/moodboard. This is the house where my product should live ideally! 
At the moment I am gathering courage to use this new style for the photoshoot next week too. Black or dark blue backgrounds? Huge colour contrasts? The pics would definitely stand out on my completely white website...

To be continued!

Photo's: house/barn by Philip Ficks, black kitchen (left) by Jure GorsiƧ, the blue shelves and the kitchen on the last row are by Linda Ahman, I couldn't trace who took the gorgeous grapefruit-photo...