Monday, February 22, 2016

new designs!

BLATT - flowers & leaves
MAYPOLE - greeting cards

Blatt - easy pop out paper flowers
Blatt - easy pop out paper flowers
Blatt - easy pop out paper flowers
Blatt - bunch of paper flowers
Blatt flowers & leavesBlatt paper flowers - garland
maypole greeting cards, blush

maypole greeting cards, greymaypole greeting cards, green, blush, gold and grey
My new designs are in stock! Deep colours, simple patterns...

Above you see the new bunch of everlasting paper flowers called Blatt (= Leaf).
This time I was very much in to full colours and more mature patterns than when I designed the Blom flowers 6 years ago. They still have the same kind of nordic look, but it's 2.0 (or 2016 if you want)!

Blatt contains 19 easy pop-out flowers, leaves and bean pods. Oh, and of course this set contains florist wire too to make a nice floral arrangement!
The retailprice is € 10.50. You can buy them in my webshop HERE.
ps. don't worry, I still have plenty of Blom flowers too!

And also available: my little bonus design for this spring, Maypole greeting cards. Abstract little trees, inspired by folkloric maypoles as I saw them in small villages in Germany. Prints in deep pastels on thick matte Olin paper (400 gsm).  
Retailprice is € 1.95 per card. You can buy them HERE

If you have a shop and you would like to buy my new designs for wholesale prices, just drop me a line. I would love to welcome you as my new salespoint!


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