Monday, March 28, 2016

my swedish 'leftover' vacation homes

vacation house, sweden, authentic, woods, rental home

vacation house, sweden, authentic, woods, lake, rental home

vacation cabin, sweden, authentic, woods, lake, architectural

vacation cottage, sweden, authentic, near the beach, rental home

Most years I start making summer holiday plans already in winter. I search the internet and make long lists with links to lovely homes. I love doing this, it is such challenge every year!
Last December I thought we would end up in Sweden this summer. But I didn't book anything. Main reason: we will go to Northern Italy instead!
It would be a pity though not to share some of the lovely Swedish houses from my list with you.
From top to bottom:

1. house in the woods
2. red wooden house with large garden
3. architectural cabin at the lake
4. limestone cottage close to beach 

Apart from quiet, clean, green, spacious and within our budget, I want my vacation homes to have a SOUL (meaning build/furnished/maintained with love). 
I can get so sad in ugly (and dirty) interiors, or outdoor spaces with no green at all. 

If you have enough money it is easy to rent a beautiful furnished vacation house with a well-maintained garden etc for about € 2000,- per week. But it's my fun to find rental homes for at least 50% less that give the same luxurious feeling. Luxury for me is in the good taste and the love of the house owners and in the gorgeous location of it.


  1. Dat ziet er prachtig uit, maar wel heel erg duur. Ik ga altijd in de meivakantie naar Zuid-Frankrijk. Ik logeer dan bij mijn vriendin en dat is gelukkig betaalbaar.

    1. Ja, haha, tegen logeren bij vrienden met een fijn huis kan natuurlijk niets op... :-)

  2. Love your choices, air bnb is always perfect for finding little gems!


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