Thursday, March 24, 2016

we are hiring ;-)

algorithm, instagram, app designers

I have a dream for the online platform like Instagram, that will keep one simple pledge: Never ever ever ever to interfere with the way content is shown to its users and stay algorithm-free.

We are all grown-ups, we can make our own decisions, and we really don't need anyone (or anything) to tell us which photo is more important or relevant than the other.

I am dreaming of an app for independent people, an app without threats of interference, a platform made and run by persons who respect their users. To download this app I am willing to pay a few dollars, of course. And maybe the other 400 million Instagram users are willing to pay for their freedom too... 

So, we - a community of 400 million people -are hiring!  ;-)

What we are looking for is a skilled app designer with moral standards (!!!) who wants to make a buck (like a couple of million of 'em).

What we offer is a strong and growing community of happy free people that love to share their photo's. 

Until this dream comes true please let Instagram know that following the algorithm plague from Facebook and Pinterest is NOT a good idea. Please sign the petition HERE. Thank you!


  1. Exactly! I would rather pay a small subscription fee than have some algorithm choose my feed for me. Let me know when you get that app set up :)

  2. I'm in. Ik zou ook geld betalen. Dat zegt wel wat toch als zelfs een studente dat wil doen ;)

    1. Eens...als zelf studente Karlijn hiervoor wil betalen....:)) Hear hear Jurianne, goed verhaal. En ik had nog niet getekend....maar ga het meteen doen.

    2. Goedzo! Vrijheid is kwaliteit en voor kwaliteit betaal je nou eenmaal!
      Ik zou het zó tof vinden als die ruim 200.000 ondertekenaars er 1 miljoen zouden worden. Wellicht wordt er dan naar ons geluisterd? Dank en zegt het voort!

  3. I too would be willing to pay for an Instagram-like app that commits to remaining algorithm free!


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