Tuesday, April 5, 2016

me, five years later

Jurianne Matter - pattern and product designer
Jurianne Matter - pattern and product designer

Had some portrait photo's taken by photographer Caroline Coehorst last Friday. It was about time: the last ones - also taken by Caroline - were 5 years ago. And I can tell you, a womans body and face go through quite some changes between the age of 47 and 52! Anyway: time for an update...

Caroline did a wonderful job again. She manages to make me feel at ease every time. That is rare, because posing for a photoshoot is one of the least relaxing things I can imagine. Usually I stay on a safe distance from camera lenses. Next to her relaxed character and her professionalism (her photo's are always kind of fresh and crispy), Caroline has a good feeling for composition.

I am happy with the photo's, it feels like this is really me!

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