Sunday, April 10, 2016

new spring designs in the webshop

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Maybe you know I finally opened a small consumer WEBSHOP this winter- after 8 years of wholesaling only! I still have to find my way a little bit, questions in my mind like: Shall I stick to Jurianne-designs only? For the time being it's ok to keep it small.

I design 2 collections a year for Ompak Gift Wrapping as well, and some of the designs - tags, bags and stickers for example - are great to sell in the shop too. So I bought them from wholesaler Ompak, which feels funny in a way (buying my own designs), and now I sell them in my shop!

Still didn't make my mind up about selling small (2m) rolls of the wrapping paper I designed. Would love to sell them online too, but they are not easy to ship safely: you need a long box for a only one roll. And I don't think it's a good idea to create so much waste for only a small roll of paper. Maybe you have a good ecofriendly idea? Would love to hear it!

Interested in buying one of the designs above?
You can find them in my webshop category GIFT WRAP DESIGNS


  1. Koker of driehoekdoos een optie? Zou graag een door jou ontworpen rol cadeaupapier kunnen bestellen :D

    1. Hey Kim, dank voor het meedenken! Lijkt idd een goede optie, maar wat als mensen er - niet ondenkbaar - ook nog een setje engeltjes bij bestellen?

    2. Ja, dat dacht ik later ook. Dan zou je zo'n grote driehoeksdoos moeten nemen dat er ook een pakje paperdesigns in past, maar dan wordt ie wel mega denk ik....

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