Sunday, May 15, 2016

help launching the coolest craft magazine ever: KOEL


My friend and inspiration Irene Hoofs from Bloesem Design is a real entrepreneur. She has style, guts, determination and tons of energy. She has started a large campaign to fund a great new yarn crafters magazine a few days ago. 
I just made a pledge on Kickstarter: for only € 18,- I support the launch of KOEL magazine ├índ I receive the first copy! On Kickstarter you can choose between several pledges, you can already support KOEL for only € 2,-!
I am sure the world is ready for KOEL magazine, the text below and the pictures above (all by Bloesem) explain why.
KOEL helps yarn crafters to connect the dots. From pattern inspiration to creating an artwork that adds to the uniqueness of a home. Sourcing the best yarns and materials was never so easy. KOEL’s pages are filled with interior styling tips and tricks. In KOEL, we document the creative journeys of yarn crafters across the globe, through interviews and special reports. 
KOEL is impeccably curated through captivating photography, revealing beautifully styled spaces. Homes become personal museums filled with handmade yarn designs. A gift to those that are passionate about yarns and their homes, you will find KOEL on coffee tables, a keepsake treasure with thumbed pages. KOEL is a timeless source of inspiration for yarn crafters.