Monday, August 8, 2016

the best of both worlds - short summer break

Bolzano South Tyrol - plaster ceiling - asperagus
sankt Pauls Merano church South Tyrol
san Paolo Sankt Pauls Italy
hiking south tyrol - chalet
mountains south tyrol jaufenpassFranciscan Monastery Bolzano - Franziskaner Kloster Bozensouth tyrol
south tyrol
south tyrol san paolo merano
Due to a busy summer (new designs, trade fairs, tell you more soon) we decided to keep the summer vacation short this year.

It was our first time since 19 years that we had vacations without the boys! Eldest son Eise was in Nizhny Novgorod (RU), studying Russian at the State University for one month and Brecht celebrated life with tons of friends in Albufeira, Portugal. Being without the kids felt a bit strange at first but it was also great to do 'boring old peoples things' - like hiking and reading books - without any comments from the adolescents!

We decided to ask my father to come with us  (to make it even more senior... hihi) and had him kind of decide where we were going. He chose the north of Italy, South Tyrol, because he has a special connection with this area. He's been there many times on a professional basis - he's a classical musician - and he still has some former students/friends living here.
This fact made the little trip very special. We had dinners with his friends, meetings in monasteries, there was renaissance music (played by dad and others), but also long walks in the mountains, tasting the best wines ever (Lagrein and Gew├╝rztraminer) and I even got to read some books too!

Maybe you can see it in the images above: South Tyrol is the best of both worlds. Austrian alpine life combined with Italian liveliness and warmth, snow and palm trees, good espresso and Apfelstrudel...