Sunday, October 30, 2016

do-it-yourself-light decoration

In my previous post I told you a little about the designing process behind my products. A rather strict path: it all starts with a moodboard. Well, apparently there are no golden rules for designing, because for this product - Twig leaves - I broke with that tradition for the first time!

Twig was on my work table before I knew it. I had the idea, a few minutes later I was cutting small black leaves in different shapes, stringing them on black wire and there it was! It only needed some days of finetuning (slim leaves? heart shaped leaves? thickness of the wire?). And of course it needed the rest of the production-circus before it could end up - printed, pre-cut and packed - in the shops. 

If a design pops up like that, without any real effort, I know it must strike a chord at my customers. And it did, it's sold in many places throughout Europe and beyond and of course in my own webshop!

Twig is a graphic interior decoration. In just a few minutes you turn your Twig set into a stylish wreath and a long garland. Every black paper leaf is pre-punched and has slits to thread the black aluminium wire through.
Once threaded, go wild with the possibilities! Bend the wire into a circle and create a wreath, thread a long garland and hang it from the top of your highest cupboard.
Very stylish: a Twig garland as centre-piece of your festive dining table. And should you have some wire and leaves left over: turn a present into a gift nobody will want to open, it looks so good…

Twig, 3 cards with 57 pre-punched leaves and 4 metres of wire in total. Dimensions of the leaves: between 2 and 3 cm. Price € 9.50


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