Saturday, October 8, 2016

if you ever go to Lefkada island...5 secret tips

Agios Nikitas - Lefkas
left: the beach at agios nikitas
Lefkada town, Lefkas, Greece, corrugated metal, paint
paint paradise: lefkada town
Lefkada town, Lefkas, Greece, corrugated metal, paint
lefkada town: corrugated walls and 2 nice greek former sailors
Lefkada town, Lefkas, Greece, corrugated metal, paint
my friend taking pics in lefkada town
right: sunset at milos beach! the mini dots you see in the sand are people...
Agios Nikitas - Lefkas
streets in agios nikitas
Lefkada town - colours - Lefkas Greece
color paradise: lefkada town

Hard to believe that I was here only 2 weeks ago, in Lefkas/Lefkada together with a friend. And due to the great Greek laid back energy I was able to completely reset and recharge in only 7 days!


1. go there in June or September, during high season it must be crowded on the island. Risk a few rain showers (the island is green!), there will always be days with lots of sunshine!

2. try to get an apartment in the tiny village of Agios Nikitas. It is cute and super relaxed, feels authentic although it's completely based on tourism... There's no traffic, the main mini pedestrian road ends up in a small sandy beach. 

3. eat zucchini-balls aka courgette balls (kolokithia keftedes) at Lefteris taverna in Agios Nikitas.

4. do some work out (up and down the hill for 25 minutes) and spend the day at the absolute best natural beach of the island: Milos beach (no beach bars, no beds, hurray!)

5. don't let the ugly 'exterior' (harbour) of Lefkada Town scare you off: take any small street towards the center... it is a paradise for colour lovers! Small streets, corrugated metal houses, colours and cats. See photo's above.

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