Sunday, November 13, 2016

we would love to meet you at...
My very first time to attend a shopping event for consumers!

As a wholesaler I am used to trade fairs: you show your designs in the nicest possible way, talk to your customers (who all have a store) and write down orders. That's it, simple.
This time it is completely different: I need to have a counter, lots of stock, a mobile card machine for the payments and I need to have bags, price tags, baskets... I guess I underestimated this big time! 

At the moment I am working my *** off to get everything organised. But I know that once the doors open I will feel happy as a child (and so honoured) with all the lovely customers that come to see my designs. 

I am going to sell all my new and old designs, some wrapping paper, gift tags, gift bags and stickers I designed for wholesaler Ompak and there will be a small sample sale as well (with small prices of course!)

So: welcome at stand number 13 at Flavourites Live in the gorgeous old industrial Kromhouthal!

We (= assistant Kim, husband Peter & I) would love to meet you...